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21 November 1916

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21. 11. 16

My dear Odd,

Many thanks for yours of the 15th. I was interested to hear you have our Geoffrey with you. I am prepared to bet a good deal that there is very little wrong with him. I wonder if he calls it shell shock or is it fright or merely a constitutional inability to slick it out. & those bally balloonists live in the lap of luxury & the gunners say that most of them are positively futile, when they might be a lot of use. I think most people regard them as contemptible except the few cases of those who have been wounded before or are over age etc. I shouldn’t say you are very like him in the face, as some people including himself think he is rather good looking (that should make you think a bit, my fair one). I will tell Joe when I see him. He is away at present on a course & enjoying himself hugely I understand. Anyhow he is not


suffering from overwork. another quiet day, occupied in wandering round the trenches & putting a window in our mess, which only had a doorway to light us by before. I happened to come across a pane of glass so have at once had it put in & it makes all the difference. Glass is very hard to find in anything but bottle formation & a whole pane is a great luxury. Dug-outs ^owners as a rule if they boast of windows at all never find any glass to put in them. The C. O. has again returned, so my reign is once more closed. He is now occupied in strafing the Division over some of their usual folly. I occupied a lot of time last night in writing a suitably sarcastic note but eventually decided to


leave it to him & he is now carrying on the good work, so between us there ought to be something worth reading in the correspondence. Cecily’s are a great triumph & I hope there will be lots more to follow. It looks as if we owned a small Clara Butt & never appreciated the honour before. The family will yet find a home in one of her lodge gates at this rate. I was interested to hear about our Nell & suppose we have seen the last of her for some little time. I hope you pulled up with Miss Hayter when you met thus unexpectedly. I don’t fancy I know the woman by sight.

Love to all