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7 March 1919- My dear Father

 Peirs_Le_1919-03-07_01 Peirs_Le_1919-03-07_02

B. E. F.
7. March 1919.

My dear Father,

Thanks for two letters.  I paid off the
Civil Service Stores for tobacco & was rather
surprised to get another lot from them two
days ago.  I put it down to delay in the post,
as such events happen sometimes, but evidently as
I did not cancel the order they [illegible]  are
beginning again.  If you are passing would
you mind telling them to stop it & I will send
them a cheque.  I would send it now only
I don’t know if you will be able to stop the
next supply.

I find that somehow your telescope has
been swopped for another — just as good but
not the same identical one.  Probably it occurred
on a relief by another Battalion.  However I
hope you will not mind the difference.  The only
difficulty is that as the other is a Government
one, it will be the broad arrow.


I can do nothing about Edginton.
As a Prisoner of War, he was off my
strength from the 21st. March, and I am
absolutely in the dark about the movements
of men afterwards unless I happen to
hear of them privately.  I am afraid that
he has died as a Prisoner of War, but
the only way is to find out from the

Tournai Cemetery is at the S. W. end of
the town next door to the Civilian Cemetery.
I have just come back from a tour
round Messines Kennel and Ypres.
Interesting but cold.  I saw several
parts of the line from the Bosch point of
view, which I used to know rather better
from our own.  The only inhabitants of
the area are Bosch prisoners.

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