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29 December 1915

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My dear Father,

Many thanks for yours of the 23rd & copies of Gs letters. I am much obliged for these though I am afraid it is a great labour getting them out. Also thanks of the Pern Mine Report. It reads well enough but it doesn’t look as though there will be any returns yet awhile, though I am in two minds whether to send them something & take up a few more shares, as I should want to kick myself if the thing turned up trumps, but one is suspicious of mines, especially in that country, where they have an earthquake or rebellion fairly frequently, I imagine. And I don’t see how they are going to solve the labour question. I am writing to the Company to find out their answers to these points.
We are still here, & my billet owners say we are not going to move till the 6th inst. though how the dickens they know seeing that neither we nor the brigade know passes my comprehension. However they are quite confident about it.
The C. O. had the battalion out this morning in the field, as the G. O. C. has told us to do extended order work. I don’t know if the good man imagines we are going to stroll through the Hun line into the open country beyond, but I don’t think its very likely, anyhow not at present.

There is no news otherwise.