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26 February 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
26. 2. 1916.

My dear Mother,

It is your turn for the news to-day. Many thanks to Olive for a letter from Invergordon & to Cecily for Punch.

No mail came in yesterday & I expect there will be others to acknowledge when it arrives. We came into the trenches two nights ago, but only finished this relief about 4 a. m. as we could not start at the usual time on account of other reliefs going on. It has been pretty cold since we have been in & there is plenty of snow on the ground & it looks as if more is coming. However we manage to keep pretty warm, & there is no wind. The Bosch is very quiet at the moment, though he is very busy working in his front line opposite us & we have accordingly been strafing his new work to-day. Some aeroplanes have been over dropping bombs on Ypres, why I don’t know as there doesn’t seem to be much there to drop bombs on, but they dropped them & the bombs went off, so I hope they are satisfied.

I fear there is nothing to tell you, as nothing is happening beyond the usual routine. They seem to be a bit noisy away to the flanks, but here it is absolutely quiet.

I can’t make out what the Bosch is up to, after all these little attacks he has made. It looks rather as if he was feeling for place to go for, but I don’t think he can be very satisfied with the result. Anyhow he has not progressed very far anywhere & his losses must have been pretty heavy.

I don’t know when we shall be going out again but I think we shall be in a day or two longer than usual as the other Battalions seem to be doing the same. All the recent attacks seem to have upset the ordinary routine & it takes time to settle down again.

Love to all.