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23 November 1918- My dear Father


                                              Somain 23.11.1918.

My dear Father,
Many thanks for your letter and for the
books, which will do me well till I get home.
I hope you are keeping an account of all I owe
you, as it must be getting a large sum by
now.  I don’t fancy I shall be back as soon
as I hoped, as we are still messing about
here.  We move to Rumegies, about 10 miles
North of this on the 26th, which is in the area
the Division is finally going to occupy, and we
go to our final destination at the end of this
month or early next month.  We shall be
somewhere near Tournai, though I cannot say
exactly where.  I shall not take leave till we get
settled down definitely, unless it is obviously
going to take some time, when I may come back
first.  Many thanks for going down to see
Smith.  He had been with me for a long time, and
is a very good fellow.  Ronald Medal Card for Ronald Clifton BrooksBrookes told me
he had been to see you, but you were not in.


He has got a Military Cross & is very pleased in
consequence. I have no news in particular
and have done practically nothing these last few
days.  We have had a certain amount of
football & one or two concerts.  The Battalion
orchestra has been greatly improved by the
addition of a couple of really good violinists,
& as we have also acquired a cello, it
will not be so bad.  I have also managed
to get nearly £10 out of Cramers for
damage to our piano, which they sent
out so badly packed that the casing
was knocked to bits, but which damage
has not affected its playing capacity
in the least.
Love to all