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Meet Abigail

The end of the centennial of the Great War does not mean the end of the First World War Letters of H.J.C. Peirs; in fact we have added to our team and are planning for the future.  This is the first in a series of posts introducing our new (and new-ish) team members.  They each have projects to work on and are pursuing avenues of research that interest them while working on the project.  We cannot wait to see what directions they help take the project in.

#teampeirs standing in front of Glatfelter Hall, Gettysburg College.

Abigail Winston (second from right) with #teampeirs in front of Glatfelter Hall on 11 November 2018 at 11 AM.

The first introduction is for Abigail Winston.  Abigail is starting her second semester of work on the site.  She is the research assistant in charge of making sure that letters are posted 100 years-to-the-day they were written by Jack.  She is looking for sources beyond our site to link to and help to contextualize the letters.  She is also exploring the potential of using Jack’s letters as primary source content for secondary school lesson plans.  She believes that reading letters allows us to see the personal side of a large-scale conflict and is fascinated by the shifting significance of the memory of the war over time.

Originally from Woodbury, Minnesota, Abigail has also studied in Bath, England and at a summer music program in Oberaudorf, Germany.  She hopes to continue her studies after graduating from Gettysburg in May in a Museum Studies program.