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11 June 1919- Dear Father

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11. June. 19.

Dear Father,
Thanks for yours.  I go to
the 3rd. Battn.  at Clipstone on the
13th, so please forward no more
letters & I will call for them
at Albemarle St. on the 14th.
I have handed in my stores &
demobilized everyone except
Fellowes & 2 servants.  I did
well & lost nothing on the journey
except a half cooker (i. e the front


half of a travelling cooker) & a
Stokes Mortar.  Considering the way
the things were handled by the
stevedores, this is not bad.
As I pointed out to the ordinance fellow
he could hardly expect me to be
incomplete, as my stores are laid
out in a hut opposite the stores of
another Battalion, which was checked
last week, & my R. Q. M. S. would
obviously not miss such a heaven
sent opportunity, if he was
deficient anywhere.  Many happy
returns of the 13th Yours Jack.