13 June 1916

Peirs_Le_1916-06-13_01 Peirs_Le_1916-06-13_02


8th Queens

B. E. F.

13. 6. 1916.

My dear Father,

Very many thanks for the box of cigars, which has just arrived, though I have not yet opened it, but if like the previous ones, they are very good.  Also for going to Hobson’s about the ribbon & Harrods about the boots.  They did not send the boots at once after all, as apparently

my balance there was about 5 /- short, so I have sent them a cheque & perhaps the boots will come along.  This Austrian show ought to make the Hun sit up & I fancy it will rather upset his plans.  Also I hear this morning that the Canadians have got back all the ground they tried to get back last night, which is most of what they had previously lost.  & I suppose they will get back


the rest pretty soon.  Anyhow there was a most fearful din all last night & early this morning & I imagined something was up.  I don’t fancy they got many prisoners. There was a memorial service for Kitchener in the Cinema to-day & I went down with the idea of going, but as I had a number of other things to do including a Court Martial, I didn’t get there.

Love to all





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