14 April 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
14. 4. 1916.

My dear Mother,

I do hope you are not badly shaken after the pram accident. I got full particulars to-day from Father & am very glad it was no worse. You might have had a very nasty smash, but as it is you have got off lightly. I am glad the pram is not badly hurt.

Many thanks to C. & G. for their letters. I have had a pretty busy time the last 2 days, as I am acting adjutant for the moment. We are moving up to-night. Things are quite quiet at the moment I fancy but one can’t tell for certain from here

If only the weather was decent, it would be quite pleasant, but it is beastly cold & inclined to rain.

I am sending home a pair of breeks which I never use to be sold or given away or used as you like It is no good carting them about here

Love to all



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