14 February 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
14. 2. 16.

My dear Family,

Many thanks for a letter from Odd & an Autocar & John Bull. I took it that Odd will return soon after this letter arrives, so I am not sending a copy.

No particular news. The Hun got bumptious yesterday & sent over a couple of aeroplanes who dropped some bombs near a neighboring camp, but no damage.

It was rather interesting as the Huns appeared a tremendous height up while lots of ours were flying about below, but of course they couldn’t touch him & when they climbed up level the Hun was off though the second one caught it a bit, as we could hear them strafing each other & the Hun descended fairly rapidly to a lower level.

The bombs make an extraordinary noise coming down, quite different to a shell but they are ridiculous little things really as they can’t take big ones in scouting aeroplanes.

The guns were hard at it again to-night & we thought we should have to go up to put things straight & got on the road ready to do so, only they didn’t want us at a matter of fact they lose their heads & just because we stir the Hun with activity as we have been doing lately & he replies they imagine he is going to attack when really if he shows a nose above his parapet he gets it strafed off, & an attack is the very last thing he wants to bring off. He did get into a trench up here the other day when I told you there was some excitement on but he didn’t stay more than 10 minutes – as they blew him out with bombs. I went round our R. E. Dump to-day (i. e. their distributing centre) with the C. O. to see the various gadgets they make. They are a sort of Turnery Dept. of the Army & Navy Stores & keep all sorts of odds & ends which are most useful.

I shall probably not have time to write to-morow.




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