14 March 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
14. 3. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Very many thanks for the bundle of woolen things which arrived yesterday & which I am distributing, though I am keeping a pair of socks for myself. They were so beautiful, I couldn’t part with them. The parcel included mittens & mufflers, but I doubt if these are wanted any more now – socks are the permanent need. I hear that we are going out of the salient soon & we have had 6 months of it, so it is only fair that someone else should enjoy its amenities. We have had another beautiful day, part of which I have spent in the Divisional Cinema, which is running regularly now & has the very latest films out weekly, so we are very up to date. That great Drama “On Military Service” was very enthralling & met with great applause.

I hope the kitchen is in working order again. I am afraid you have had rather a game in shifting into the Greyhound for meals – but perhaps the new range will enable all the family to have 2 hot baths a night each instead of only one as heretofore. Intense excitement, as it appears that a working party of ours has gone off in some busses, which were ordered for someone else & their own wagons have turned up & of course there is no one to take & no one knows who the busses were for. So someone is now thanking his stars that his conveyance has not arrived & is marching his men back into camp.

Love to all.



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