16 December 1916




16. 12. 16.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for letters from yourself Father C. & G. – also for a book from Cecily by Bairnsfather. It is quite interesting & he writes about some trenches we were in at one time. The news of the French show at Verdun should make the Bosch sit up & put forth more peace proposals. The incident I mentioned in my last letter to Father has come off – it came off the night I wrote. It is curious that I am almost always in charge of the panto. when these little things come off & I am pleased to say that there are a fewer Bosches now than there were & we are precisely as we was, except being a little – just the slightest bit – ^more pleased with one another than before & fewer harsh words have been spoken & more daily acts of kindness done than before. We have been visited by


the minor planets of the martial constellation while the major ones have shed their kindly beams on us, and we are bathed in their smiles. There is no news. The Trench Mortar Officer I told you of, has got promoted or blown up or something. Anyhow we have a new one, who dropped one of his beastly bombs in our front line this afternoon & wreck wrecked a most beautiful bit of trench, the only decent bit we’ve got. We like Trench Mortar Officers at times, but no one could love this person & I shall have pleasure in telling him so to-morrow.

Love to all



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