16 June 1917


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16. 6. 17.

My dear Father,

By this time you should have got my last letter. No watch has reached me & if it has not been sent I should prefer that you should keep it for the present anyhow, as there is every chance that I should lose it & my own is going well. My best congratulations on the success of the potato patch which is a great triumph. Will you keep it going till the autumn or dig them up earlier? I wrote to Olive yesterday but am afraid I was too late for the wedding & you may accordingly have sent my letter on unopened. We are in the line but go out to-night after a fairly strenuous time, both sides being


very active with their artillery, but otherwise the tour has been without incident. I am anticipating one or two completely idle days while we are behind as the Battalion will be very much split up & we live in a deep dug-out away from any of the Companies which are attached to other people for the time being. So really there should be nothing to do. As it is no district in which to take constitutionals I suppose I shall spend most of my time underground.

Please thank Mother & G. for their letters. I hope Jane behaved herself when being christened.



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