21 October 1916

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21. 10. 16

My dear Mother,

Alas, our mails have gone astray, they say to the 6th Battn. So we shan’t see them for some time. However I have had a letter from you & another from C. two days ago & was interested to hear that Rosamond is engaged & still more that her two brothers are going to Mesopotamia I expect they are sending all the latest joined to such delectable spots & after all it is their own fault. I am still running the shop as the C. O. has been sent for again for his wife – she was quite all right 2 days ago he told me & I suppose she has had a relapse owing to her brother’s death. Yesterday I went for a bus ride to look over the trenches which we go into next


& find them to be on the exact spot where we were on the 26th Sept. 1915 & in a beastly condition too, as there had been heavy rain & they are falling in all over the place. However the place seemed very quiet, which is always comforting & we shall probably go up in a day or two. It was very cold & I had to start at 6.0 a.m. so I wasn’t best pleased ^at having to go. To-day we did a little training in the morning & a football match in the afternoon which we won rather to my surprise, as the other side were


a battn. who go in for it a lot & preserve some of their best players in their transport lines. To-morrow I suppose we shall go to church in the Cinema & I shall turn on our tame & attached C. O. to inspect the

Battn. as the poor chap has nothing to do & is bored stiff.

Love to all




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  1. Will Hall

    ‘Rosamond’ (sic) was his first cousin, Rosamund Chevallier Forman, her fiancé Geoffrey Francis Fisher, later Archbishop of Canterbury.


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