26 May 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
26. 5. 1916.

My dear Cecily,

Thanks for a letter from you & G. to-day, also for a cake from Mother which alas arrived in fragments, but I hope that we shall be able to salve most of it. It had obviously been sat on continuously since leaving England. I’m afraid parcels are very liable to suffer like that if they are not put in a box & a pretty strong one too. The ordinary cardboard is not much protection.

Please tell Father the Upmanns are very good. I have no news. It is a fine day & I have nothing to do as the Battalion is in various parts of the country working. We have the loan of a gramophone – one of the His Masters Voice sort but the records are either all musical comedy stuff or good things which we are sick of. Could you hunt up a few for me say half a dozen such as Sibelius Valse Triste, Sindings Frühlingsrauschen (rustle of spring) Griegs [illegible] Dance out of the Peer Gynt & 3 others of a similar nature. If you let me know what they come to & postage I will send you a cheque. Please address them to Major Fox 72nd Infantry Brigade, B. E. F. as it is his gramophone, but we borrow it when out of the trenches & he keeps it when he is in.

Love to all




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