29 September 1917


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29. 9. 17.

My dear Mother,

A line to let you know that I have more or less arrived at my destination & am now waiting for my gee to take me the final stage. I crossed late on Tuesday afternoon, & had time to get out to Wootton & look round. Mary Underhill was away & the only person on the place whom I knew was the carpenter, now aged 74. I was there an hour & saw a very fine exhibition of flying, presumably by an old boy, as he came over & did stunts round the house. I slept the night across the water & went to see Mrs. Cane, but she was out. I managed to get about 30 miles that day & took 7 hours about it. I had no idea trains could move so slowly. I slept the night in a rest camp & came on here (P-E there are 2 places it might be one north & the other south & you know which it is) to-day starting at 7. The latter part of the journey was very interesting as I had not seen the country for a long time & for a long distance it is a mere waste, over which we


were drawn by a homely G. W. R. engine. This place is smashed to bits – not by shells but by the Bosch, & the club is about the only respectable building standing. I gather that we are not going to get the rest I expected, but if not in the line already will be in at once, so I trust that it keeps quiet. I have had to put my watch back again, so I shall get another extra hour in bed before long.

Love to the family


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