4 April 1918


4. 4. 18
My dear Peirs,
I send you my heartiest
congratulations on all you have done.
The Queen’s have done splendidly all through.
I was really very glad to hear you had
been wounded and got away safe, as we’ve
been through a lot of bad times since and
you are well out of it.  Rowland is com-
manding.  I have put you in for Temp.
Lt. Col. vice Tringham and Rowland as
Actg. Lt. Col. vice you.  Rowland has command-
ed the Battalion in action, and I shall
keep him there till you come back, which
I hope will be soon.  The old Brigade has
beaten all records, and won the whole
name for that Division.  We are still at
it!  I will do what I can for you.  Let
me know how you are and where you
are.  Yrs
Good Luck.


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