4 November 1916




4. 11. 16

My dear Father,

Thanks for a Bystander & a book. We are still out of the front line, but shall be going back shortly, & I expect the C. O. to return during our next tour, when I shall retire into my pristine obscurity. I must say that the job of commanding a Battalion is very interesting & I don’t think I should mind the responsibility, though no doubt the brass hats would try it on a bit. However I see no chance of such an event occurring, so it is not worth consideration. Some time ago you offered me your long telescope for the use of our snipers & at the time I thought it would not be of any use. However here I think it would be & if you still would not mind the risk of losing it, I think we might find it very effective in spotting Bosches. The present case is hardly strong enough & if a better one were made


for it (without any of the fixings) it ought to travel all right & I will see that it is looked after. As you know the small one was smashed up, but I consider one of the present Battalion ones, as being yours & will try to get it back for you. Someone saw a Zepp. behind the Bosch lines yesterday, but I did not see it & I hope you have not been troubled by them lately. They seem to be a little shy of London at the moment. There is no news The Battalion is for the most part on working parties & I lead an untroubled

existence in consequence.

Love to all



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