5 July 1916

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8th Queens

B. E. F.

5. 7. 1916.

My dear Odd,

Many thanks for your letter to-day.  Contrary to your suppositions I am very comfortably ensconced in camp behind the firing line, and though the men have plenty of work to do, I am comparatively free.  I suppose we shall be going up to the line again shortly, in about a week I should guess.  We are all very excited about the show down south & wonder whether the old Bosch will have to retire all along the line, so you can imagine me chasing him across Belgium, if he does. I hope he doesn’t – anyhow just yet, as I don’t want to move in the least – besides it will be so very uncomfortable. I have just written a long letter home which I daresay you will see in time.  I am v. glad to hear the pram is her own bright little self again, & that Father has taken to driving her again.

I have just got our new gramophone for the Canteen, a thing called a Primaphone, from Whiteleys costing £5.10.0 & a really good instrument.  I fear


however that it is from a Bankrupt’s stock, so if it breaks I shan’t be able to get it repaired & I am quite sure they will break it in no time.

However at present it is running very well.

Your tales of your bathroom are too horrible for words.  It must be somewhat disconcerting to find someone else’s leg on a shelf or a couple of molars in the soap dish.  However I suppose you get used to these things like anything else.





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