6 June 1916

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8th Queens

A. E. F.

6 June 1916.

My dear Mother,

Thanks for your letter to-day & for a cake from Cecily which has also come in a rather flattened condition, as it was not boxed. However it will taste none the worse for that.

We are now back in our farm which is pleasant, but all among the guns, which are distracting especially when the Hun is trying to drop 5.9’s on to them.  They are all very busy to-day, I suppose on account of the Hooge business.  I sincerely trust the Canadians will get back those trenches they’ve lost, as in the event of our going up there again, which I suppose is


always possible though it is only an idea of my own, we shall want to have back as much as we handed over – especially as the bit the Huns have collared must make it uncommonly warm for the wretched pedestrians on the roads at the back.  I have done nothing to-day except go round the various billets & dug outs where the Battalion hides itself & arrange for a large supply of beer at the Canteen.
Love to all


I wonder if someone would strafe Harrods boot dept. on the telephone for me.  I ordered a pair of boots a month ago & they came out


last week but being much too small I have returned them & written asking for bigger ones.  These should have been here by now, but as they have not come I am afraid that Harrods are waiting till the others come back.  If they do, I shall not get the new ones till August, as things take a long time to get back, & I think Harrods should send the new ones along at once.  As it is I have only got one pair of boots to my name.



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