9 November 1916

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9. 11. 16
(rec’ 14. 11. 16)

My dear Father,

Thanks for yours of the 5th & for Mothers of the 3rd & Cecily’s of the 4th, all arrived to-day. We have had no post for 3 days owing to the storm I suppose, & a mail was very welcome. I was interested to hear the Censor is opening my letters I wonder if I am too conversational. Let me know if he opens any more. I saw the Johnny Brongham had done it again & was interested to hear about Peggy. The C. O. arrived back to-day & I took him out to show him where our trenches used to be a few days ago. You can still see signs of them with an occasional head sticking out of the mud. Luckily the weather has temporarily changed & the water is draining off a bit. We have had


a little liveliness caused by Bosch patrols on one or two nights but otherwise the Bosch trenches do not appear to be very thickly populated. We have had the most perfect moonlight nights the last 48 hours & there is another to-night – one can see people moving 200 yards off which is a great advantage but it prevents your sending out wiring parties or patrols ^as the Bosch can see them equally well.


Many thanks for fetching my watch. The one I have is going very well & keeps good time & I should prefer to stick to it for the present, unless you want it back. Please thank Mother for the photo. she sent out. It is not one of Waldie, but a fellow of the 1st Battn. Many thanks for a Bystander & Autocar.

Love to all




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