12 October 1916

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12. 10. 16

(rec’ 16 10 16)

My dear Father,

Thanks for your letter as to Peareth money, also to Mother C & O. for letters, (C for 3) & a book.  I see they mentioned in the G. H. Q. intelligence yesterday that we were raided & inflicted heavy casualties on the Bosch – a bit of indiluted imagination as so far as we know there were only 2, though it is probable that there were a few more.  The Bosch’s aeroplanes are getting active here & we brought down 2 yesterday – unfortunately I missed the fun.  We are out of the trenches & in dugouts all among the guns about 2500 yds. from the line – & a quieter spot you couldn’t wish to find as none of them dare fire a round except in cases of emergency as there seems to be


a tacit agreement that this place is to be kept quiet except for trench mortars & such like engines.  There are a number of raids taking place up & down the front & most of them seem successful though the Bosch must be very much on the look-out.  When they are on, it is almost pathetic to see the small amount of shells he sends over, not at all the kind of thing we are used to.  The country here has been badly strafed at one time or another & I fancy the French must have made an advance here, as we have a long way to go to get back to civilisation & our present abode might be very well in the middle of Mitcham Common with extended to the horizon & no roads.  The men are let off a lot of


the carrying they have to do in other places as we have a tram road which does it for them almost up to the front line.  I wonder we don’t use them more, as they are extraordinarily useful & save endless labour, but even when we’ve got them we don’t use them very much.  They run this one with petrol engines up to a point & then mules.  I take it that you will put in for the next months supply of juice for the pram when the time comes & I rather fancy that applications have to go in now.  16 gallons a month is far more than you would get through on her.  The San Esquilache people are writing again for more subscriptions.  Do you know at all what Uncle Jos thinks of the concern now?


I notice that all praise of the concern is greatly moderated, but yet it conveys to me the idea that they really think there’s a lot in it ^ but don’t like to say so, because they can’t say for certain.  I wonder if you would send him a line.  I would do it myself but I don’t know (a) how to spell his name & (b) his address.

Love to all



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