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19 December 1915 – To Father

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8th. Queens.
B. E. F.
19. 12. 1915.
(23. 12. 15)

My dear Father,

Many thanks for your letter of the 16th & for the copy of Glad’s.  One begins to realise that she soon will be back, if she doesn’t want any letters after the 26th.  To-day being the sawbath, there has not been much doing.  Church this morning in the Cinema, but I didn’t go & went for a ride instead.  In the afternoon a football match between the Transport & bombers of the Battalion, which was quite exhilarating.  I wonder if they are meditating another Zepp raid.  From the papers there have been lots o f reports of Zeppelin’s being brought down & why did they risk one the other day in attempting to get over Paris?  I should like to think that the Zepps are no good.  Our Belgian Brigade Interpreter has just come back from his leave at Paris full of joy.  Apparently he is mixed up with those who are in the know, bankers & such like & they all say there that the Hun is v. nearly done & that he will make peace terms in the spring, but we have heard this before.  I have not heard much said one way or the other about French’s retirement.  They all say the new man is very good – I expect he will deplete the numbers of wasters on the personal staff & I hope will send them back to do a little regimental duty.  They were the ones Lord St. Davids was getting at.  We are busy studying the details of our new line.  I think it is probably the same bit as Barney McCausland was in, only I don’t know the number of his Division.  The names of the trenches & farms certainly smack of Yorkshire. The Huns did a gassing stunt up in the salient this morning, but they didn’t attack after it & no one seems to know why.  They did no damage to us by their gas & as their was no attack, things are as they were.  Perhaps they gassed themselves.

Love to all