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1 September 1917


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1. 9. 17.

My dear Father,

I got your letters at 2.30 this morning on getting back to camp from the trenches. The mails have been all over the place the last few days owing to the gale & presumably mines loose in the channel. I have been unable to write for the last few days as I have been very busy, my 2nd in Command being on leave and a new adjutant. However we had a quiet four days in a distinctly unpleasant part of the line & had the weather been reasonable, the tour would not have been so bad – as it was the men had quite enough of it when they got out.

I hope to get some leave fairly soon, but can hardly do so till the C. O. gets back. I expect him within the next fortnight and perhaps earlier. Please thank Mother, G and O. for their letters, all of which arrived with yours. I suppose you will be getting Cecily home soon. I have no news. I wonder who the officer was of the Division on


our right whom Mother saw. I should like to meet him, as we should have a lot to talk about. They were a pantomime & I, being on the flank of our lot, had to cope with them & they certainly taught me to trust no one you don’t know. I don’t believe they’ve got themselves sorted out yet

I have a good deal to do at the moment, but will write again soon.

Thank Glad for the photo of Jane. I am glad she is such a presentable infant, but I can hardly approve of such an unbending will, as expressed by the lines of her countenance, in one so young.

Love to all


P. S. Cecily wants my old Burberry. Is it worth sending it out, or will it keep till she returns. She can have it