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21 March 1918


Peirs_Le_1918-03-21_01 Peirs_Le_1918-03-21_02


21. 3. 18.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your last letter, also for others from Father Cecily Glad & Olive, also for a bottle of milk punch which arrived whole in spite of prognostications to the contrary. I have been rather seedy for some little time & am at the moment taking a few days off back in the Transport Lines, while the Battalion is in the trenches.  I did not intend to go up at all but I may have to go for a day or so.  It is very pleasant back here as the weather is A1. I got the invitation to the wedding, but am quite unable to promise to be there.  But congratulations to Guy on his new appointment. It sounds very good & I will come & live at his lodge yet.  I suppose he was too smart for them at Elswick as a Government Official, so they have had to take steps to keep him under observation.  He will probably be Managing Director in a couple of years.

Love to all