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2 September 1918


Peirs_Le_1918-09-02_01 Peirs_Le_1918-09-02_02


2. 9.
2. 9. 18.

My dear Father,

Many thanks for letters from Mother and yourself also for post cards of Gladys’ haunts. I had a letter from Graham to-day –late of 17 Albemarle St. He is a Lieut. in a M.T. section rather from necessity than choice as they kicked him out of the infantry because of his eyes.

All is quiet here. The Bosch seems very windy in front and as I hear the Canucks have broken through the Drocourt-Quéant line, the local bit of the Hindenburg do, this morning, one rather wonders whether he will not have to betake himself to a more salubrious spot. The weather is colder but not so bad & it would be rather amusing to start a chasse. It is a very good sign that he has cleared off Kemmel, as anyone who has been near there knows what wonderful observation one can get from it. I can even see the place from here where it is moderately clear, & we are a fair distance away


I find tobacco is very hard to get now. I wonder if you would mind calling on one or other of the tobacconists round Albemarle St. Simmons or Savory in Piccadilly or Junior Army & Navy or Civil Service, & getting them to send me fortnightly a half pound of some cool smoking medium strength to-bacco. At present I smoke John Cotton or Navy Mixture. If you will settle them for a month & get them to promise to carry on, I will send you & them a cheque in payment. I don’t know what I have to pay now probably 3/- or 4/- a quarter, but that can’t be helped.

Love to all