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27 July 1917 – To Cecily

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27. 7. 17.

My dear Cecily,

Many thanks for your last few letters. I am v. glad you like your new job & the chance of touring England sounds rather pleasant. I wouldn’t mind doing a song & dance myself at the lectures if I could come too, but I fancy Jenny Pluckers would defeat me without a lot of practise & we are too busy for that at the moment. We shall be going into the line in a day or two & I went up to have a look round yesterday, in the early morning when things were quiet. They are fairly active in this part as a rule but there are certain hours of the day which one carefully enquires into when the Bosches cease from troubling & then


one can go round the line in comparative comfort.

We took the Battn (a halt while I have been out to look for a Bosch aeroplane which is dropping eggs round here, but it is too dark to see it & our searchlights are too paralytic to help much. The archies are loosing off into the blue but even I can tell that they are at least a mile wide) to a Y. M. C. A. Cinema to-day, but it was too hot therein & the films were too romantic to attract me so I cleared off. On the way I passed a Church Army


Hut which had an 11 inch shell alongside yesterday with the result that it is rather less of a Hut than it was. However I saw a bland smile peering through a hole in the side so presume that some of the staff are still in esse. I don’t know how they rebuild these places but suppose they get help from the local military people as the natives are all busy on army work.



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