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Meet Claire

Young woman in white shirt with stripes standing in front of a brick building with installation art of multicolored open umbrellas above

Clare Bickers ’20, The First World War Letters of H.J.C. Peirs Student Research Assistant, 2019.

This fall, Claire Bickers ’20 started work as a student research assistant. She is from Fort Mitchell, KY, and is majoring in history with minors in public history and writing. She hopes to broadening her knowledge of the First World War by working for The First World War Letters of H.J.C. Peirs.

Unlike our other assistants, Claire did not work with Jack’s letters in any of her classes. She heard about the project through word of mouth and thought that it would be an opportunity to hone her research skills while learning more about the Great War. She is interested in the experiences of the individuals who fought, rather than the big picture, tactical history of the war. Claire lived with British students while studying abroad in the UK and brings that cultural familiarity to the project.

As a public historian, Claire has experience communicating historical ideas to a broad public audience. When #TeamPeirs travels to France and Belgium in May, Claire will engage the public through social media and help collect content for future mapping and analysis projects.

male professor and female student examine a photograph from the First World War

Dr. Ian Isherwood and Claire Bickers ’20 examine a photograph from the H.J.C. Peirs Papers.