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25 August 1918


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25. 8. 1918.

My dear Father,

Many thanks for your letter & the telescope, which has arrived & is in use & will prove very useful.  I am glad you had good weather in Cornwall.  Please thank Olive for all the various things she has bought & sent me, which have arrived safely.  The records are very good & what I wanted.

The news is all very good & one can only wonder how far the battle is going to spread.  Everyone seems to be pushing at the Bosch except us, & we continue to lead our placid existence.  It is quite difficult to keep pace with these various attacks & to know whether such & such a “200


guns captured” refers to a new stunt or to those taken by General Somebody Else last Tuesday week.

They will soon be fighting for Delville Wood & Guillemont & such like places which I used to know.  There are all sorts of rumours that the Bosch is going right back, but as they emanate from the papers they are probably quite incorrect.  I have no news.