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Soldier Profile – Private Victor C. Burrow

Name & Rank: 

Private Victor C. Burrow 

young WWI soldier with East Surrey Regiment cap badge on hat.

Private Victor C. Burrow, pictured wearing his East Surrey Regiment cap badge

Regimental Number:

G/21914  (22631 previously)

Birth date & Location:

21 March 1897 in South London


Arthur L. and Annie Burrow

Family Profile: 

Victor Cecil Burrow was the second of four children born to Arthur and Annie Burrow.  Arthur Burrow worked as a brewer and the family lived in the Wansdworth area of South London.  Victor was born on 17 March 1897.  His older brother enlisted in 1914 at the age of 18 with the 16th London Regiment and his younger brother also served as rifleman with the 13th East Surreys and the 33rd Battalion, London Regiment.  The fourth sibling, a sister named Dorothy, was sent to live with relatives in Devonshire before the war.  Victor’s brothers both survived the war, although the eldest, Arthur, served at Gallipoli and on the Western Front before a foot wound sent him home. 

Victor was employed by Lloyd’s of London in some capacity (however briefly) before the war.  His name appears on the First World War memorial plaque outside of their headquarters building in London. 

Service Profile: 

Victor C. Burrow enlisted at Kingston-on-Thames in the East Surrey Regiment before being transferred to the West Surreys.  He is listed as a signaller in the records of the War Graves Commission, but otherwise his service records lack details.  In the aftermath of the Battle of Le Verguier, he was listed as missing on 21 March 1918. 

Death date & Location:

21 March 1918, near Le Verguier, France

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