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22 September 1918


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22. 9. 18.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for letters from you all.  Also for tobacco and a battery from Father – the former very welcome. I came out of the line last night, a few days before the Battalion, as I have got one or two things to look after back here.  There is nothing doing at the moment & the Bosch is only too glad to be left alone.  It is interesting to see that they have got back the whole of the line we used to hold in the South last spring & in fact rather more.  It will be dreadful country to live in during


the winter as it was bad enough last year when we had time to put up huts during the summer, but now I don’t quite see what they will do, as I don’t suppose there is much left & we burnt most of the timber round there last year, so it looks as if they are going to be a bit chilly later on.

Our new piano has at last arrived, rather battered by the journey, but its vitals appear to work all right.  At present


I have got 12 Pioneers gluing screwing & nailing it together, & as they are a useful lot, between them I think they will get it to work.

Love to all