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25 August 1917

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25. 8. 17.

My dear Father,

You will be interested to hear they have given me a bar to my D. S. O. It came out in Divl. orders to-night. I don’t yet know the exact reason, except that it is for our bit of the show on the 31st. July. I wonder if you could get from Spink or someone the right thing I have to wear. I think it is a rosette on the ribbon, but am not sure & I have seen a man wearing a small silver star on his ribbon & I fancy he was wrong to do so. I think the metal star is only for a bar to a Military Medal.

We were rather bothered by the authorities yesterday with orders & counterorders & eventually lent to some neighbours who quite needlessly thought they were in difficulties, so we didn’t know from one minute to the next what they were going to do with us. However after giving


us a very uncomfortable night, we have returned to our own fold to-day & are carrying on normally. Luckily we managed to get into some dug outs early in the evening which their people wanted at 2 a. m & as we were there the officers had to make the best of it outside.

The Bosch is about at the moment & I am holding my breath to blow out the candle when he is near, as we take care to show no lights when he is anywhere overhead. He is doing a lot of bombing at nights without any great result, but we look after the lights for safety. He dropped a bomb or two this afternoon to keep things lively but not within a quarter mile of us.

Love to all