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3 March 1918


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(rec’ 3 march 1918)

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for letters from you all.  Also for books & magazines.  We have now got enough for the present, as we have about 150 in the library, & they are sufficiently bulky to take about without getting more. However they are very much appreciated & as they get worn out I will ask for more.  I suppose Cecily is home again now, & will be getting tied up soon.  I can give no idea when I shall be back & I don’t think they should wait for me.  We are out of the line at the moment, & fairly comfortable, but the new officers mess is not built here yet, so we live in small huts & we have no garden.  I went over to see my garden this afternoon & find that the most unexpected recovery has been made by lots of the plants & roses which I thought were quite hopeless.  The snowdrops have become gigantic, as they ought seeing that they are planted in an old manure heap, & the most pessimistic of the periwinkles are in full bloom.  The C. O. is away but comes back in two or three days time.  We had an extraordinarily good troupe over here yesterday from Charlie Dignalts


Division.  We happen to be in the camp near the theatre.  Our own Divisional troupe are poor, as they never were good and about a month ago they had a bomb dropped on them, which did not improve them & in fact they have only just reappeared since the incident.  These people however are first class & produced two “ladies” who were most extraordinarily agile & made up into real charmers.

I hope your meat rations will really help things, but I am sorry that you all have to go short & we get so well fed out here.  They are at least taking the salvage question here really in hand & the amount that can be collected is extraordinary.  If they collect & use it, they will save any amount of transport, as the ships will go back from France to England loaded instead of empty. The men are getting keen on it too, & any amount of stuff should now be saved which used to be wasted.

Love to all