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Menu from Sargents X-mas dinner - cover showing news boy

28 December 1918- My dear Father

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My dear Father,
Many thanks for your letter to-day.  I shall be interested to see the Barrow Worsfold Controversy in the Herald.  Are you out of the tumble now, or is the displeasure of the Grove still heavy on you?  I liked the quotation à propos the Abbey.  It must have been an awe inspiring sight in any case.  I wonder the roof did not fall in.  Did someone compare a War March of the Lawyers on the lines of Athalie or did they play the Robbers Chorus from Chu Chin Chow.  I have been waiting to hear from Maitland, but if the thing is urgent I will readily take it on.  I hope to get home early next month to talk about things.  The
question in my mind is in no way as to what you can offer, but what use I can make of it.  My chief trouble is that I have forgotten the little law I ever knew, though I may be making too much of the difficulties of picking it up again.  I daresay the Law Society will organise lectures etc to put one au fait again.  We had quite a good Xmas & the last of the festivities is to come off to-night — a Sergeants’ dinner & concert


I certainly hope the prosperity to which you refer is coming your way next year.  It seems hard lines that you should now be hauled out to drill, particularly as they are beginning to demobilize (or demoralize, as some one said) the police & you should be free in a month or two.  Love to Mother & many thanks for her letter.