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4 February 1918

Peirs_Le_1918-02-04_01 Peirs_Le_1918-02-04_02



4. 2. 18.

My dear Mother,

Thanks for two letters & for others from the married women & that great correspondent William. We are back in our quarry, really quite a good quarry & the Bosch can strafe as much as he likes on top while we are in dug-outs tunneled into the side & about 40 ft down out of harms way. We go into the line again for a tour in 2 days & then right out. I didn’t think we should have to go in again, but they have found it necessary to send us. There is no news. Things seem very quiet. I was sorry to hear about your finger, but hope it is quite all right now. I see you are going to get rationed & am afraid you will all be cut down to the lowest but perhaps the distribution scheme will help things on the whole. I don’t fancy these German strikes are finished by a long way yet & next time they will be harder to control, particularly if he tries to attack, as I fancy he will get something to go on with.

Love to all