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26 November 1918- My dear Mother

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                                         Lecelle, 26. 11. 18.
My dear Mother,
For once in the way I have no letter from
one or other of you to acknowledge since I wrote
two days ago.  We have moved here to-day,
about 11 miles North of Somain over some very
cobbly roads, which grew more & more cobbly as
we came nearer here.  This place is a bit
knocked about, but fairly comfortable and we do
not expect to stay more than 3 or 4 days when we
shall go on to our final resting place.  I do not
yet know more than that it will be somewhere
West of Tournai, and am naturally very anxious
to find out as the quality of the billets will make
a lot of difference to our comfort, and if we can
find a place for concerts & others for dining
rooms, we shall do well.
The Bosch had a large filling factory here, –
a number of huts dug into the ground, as you
see at Brock’s place at Sutton, & all full of
the tallest & fattest minnies I have seen.


Owing to lack of accommodation, I have a
Company billeted all among them & pray that
the place doesn’t go up — not that they won’t
deserve it, if they go sky high, as it will be
their own fault, but I fear the village
will also go & take me with it.  However
the place will have its uses, as the
authorities are always impressing on one the
necessity for salvage, so I propose to salve as
many of the huts as possible, as they will
be extraordinarily useful at our final
I had an unfortunate occurrence yesterday
as my horse & I disagreed as to the way to
cross a stream, with the result that we
went in together.  I got wet through &
covered with a most dreadful smell, as between
us we had stirred up the mud of ages.
However neither of us are the worse.  Love from