3 August 1917 – To Gladys

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3. 8. 17.

My dear Glad,

I have several letters to thank you for & am very glad to hear my god child is so fat & lusty. I trust that she is spanked sufficiently, but perhaps muzzling is the only thing that will do her any good. As you will have heard we have been in the big battle – though with the people on our right, a regular circus of a Division, it seemed to develop into a dog-fight & managed to get through with some little kudos & personally with complete safety. Unfortunately there was little booty though a number of our men are going about with Bosch watches & cigarette cases which they collared off their prisoners. The Bosch has given up wearing his helmet, so there are none of those to be found & the steel helmet he wears instead is not beautiful & rather heavy.


There is no particular news at the moment This infernal rain is getting too much of a good thing & it absolutely declines to stop. I have never seen anything to equal the condition in the trenches we have just left & what the poor devils who took them over from us are doing now, as they were more than waterlogged when we left. However I gather that there is a heat wave in America & it may reach here & dry us up a bit.

Love to Willie & Jane

Yrs Jack

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