3 October 1918 – To Mother





3. 10. 18.

My dear Mother,

Thanks for your letter, also for others from the gals. I am glad the teeth are coming through satisfactorily. I should like to see the two mothers coping with their families. I am sure they do it very badly & have long & earnest conferences with the nurse to get them out of their difficulties. Luckily both infants look as if they can put up with a good deal. I trust the R.S.P.C.C. has not had occasion to call at the Lowans yet.


I have nothing to tell you. We are out of the line & endeavoring to combine as much training with as little damage to crops as possible.

I have already had trouble with the Maire, as he won’t give up his schoolroom for use in the evenings as a recreation room for the men & I have been very rude to him – vicariously – as I don’t know how to be rude in French.

Love to all

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