6 March 1918


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6. 3. 18.

My dear Father,

I have owed you a letter for a long time, and have one from Mother & another from Cecily to acknowledge since I last wrote.  The stop watch suits very well, though I have not yet had an opportunity of using it.  Many thanks also for the books which are a great boon.  I will let you know when we want any more, but at present we have a lot to go on with.

The weather has become quite springlike & the conditions round here are quite pleasant.  We have not been in the line for more than a week, but will be going back in a few days.  I have spent a large portion of to day in a motor lorry, which on the roads here is about as uncomfortable a mode of conveyance is you can find anywhere.  After a short time in one, the only hope of arriving whole is to stand up in it, as the shocks then are not so severe.  I had a line from Jo. the other day, who has a last got out here having flown across & is up north somewhere.  We had two correspondents here yesterday from the Surrey Mirror & Croydon Advertiser respectively, who are doing all the Surrey regiments on behalf of the County papers, so I daresay you will be seeing some of their impressions in the local rag shortly.  Most unfortunately our prize


liar is not here at the moment or the tale would have been twice as wonderful as it is likely to be now. We have a great personage coming round here to-morrow, great only in the military line. We prepared a special stunt for him the other day, but he failed to turn up, so now we are preparing nothing & perhaps he will arrive.  I hope he will be duly satisfied.

We expect to return to our haunts opposite the Bosch in a day or two & if this weather continues it will be quite pleasant, as things are very quiet there.

Love to all


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