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14 January 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
14. 1. 1916

My dear father,

I enclose a notice from the L. C. C. apparently the pram is not registered & will have to be given a new number so would you mind filling up the form & sending it in. I enclose 15 p fee. I thought the number was LE not LN. I suppose Wardill can manage to paint the number plates again.

We are clearing out to-night for about a week. We have had a very peaceful time & all the strafing has been going on overhead & there has not really been very much of that.  Saturday I continue after getting back into camp. A different one about 2 miles S.E. of Poperinghe & apparently quite a good one. The men are all in huts & we are in other huts which were built for Brigade Headquarters & actually contain 2 baths & a heating appliance, so there is hope of a wash. Anyhow I shall be able to get one at Poperinghe if not here. Very many thanks for yours of the 9th which I got at 5 a. m. this morning on getting into camp. I hope to-days party goes off all right. Please thank Mother for hers of the 10th & Cecily’s of the 11th received at the same time. Also for the gloves which I got several days ago & suit very well.

Rather curiously I ran across one Chevallier last night, who is the adjutant of the crowd that relieved us & is the son of the Naval Captain whom we saw at Langrune, the hero of the scene on Havre Quay. The boy must have been present then as well, only I had no time to remind him of it. The parents came over to call at Carshalton one day I remember. The boy seemed quite a good chap.

I’m awfully glad you are using the pram & hope that you will get lots of good runs when the weather improves.

Love to all

from Jack.