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12 November 1917

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12. 11. 17.
My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter. I had a very good week-end at Felpham. I went to Horsham in the pram on Friday & got down to Bognor at 6.30 where I found Gladys waiting for me & Olive busy cooking when we got in. They have a very nice little cottage & very comfortably furnished. Jo came over from Gosport for Saturday night & I came back here last night leaving at 6.30 & getting in by 11. I had a lot of trouble on the way back owing to lights & I had to stop


at Rudgwick to pa buy some parafin at a pub, as I found that the lamps were practically all dry. Doreen is very well, but distinctly noisy at intervals & they suspect more teeth as the cause. She looks very flourishing. are you and Father or either of you going down this next week-end? They appear to expect you, & you will obviously have to go down some time. There is not much to do except house work & go for walks. We went in to Bognor twice & also once along the coast towards Littlehampton.


They get an occasional woman in to cook for them & one every day to take Doreen out, so that Glad can get out for a bit.

Love from Jack.