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20 October 1918- My dear Glad


British Red Cross Society
Order of St John


My dear Glad,  

I owe you a birthday letter but for various reasons I have not 
been able to write.  As you may have gleaned by now I am in hospital
at the moment with gas, but expect to be able to go back to the 
Battalion in a few days.  I got caught in a day and nights gassing a 
week ago with the result that 24 hours later I couldn’t see and after
various vicissitudes I arrived at a Base hospital.  My eyes are
quite right now but I still look as though I was just recovering 
from a complicated attack of all the poxes you can think of at once
and I should not care to have to do a long day in the field just yet. 
I was out for a stroll yesterday and a longer walk to-day and in two 
or three days I expect to be quite normal, by which time perhaps if
the war goes on at is present pace it should be nearly over. 
            Most of the Battalion Hqrs. Staff are here and they have 
had to import another a fellow from another Battalion to run it in my 
            The hospital is in better times than a good class hotel and I am very
comfortable on the ground floor and well looked after. 
             I expect there are various letters to thank you for waiting for 
me with the Battalion but as they don’t know where I am they have not
forwarded them. 
             The French are extraordinarily elated abuot the retaking of Lille
judging from the people here. 
             I am glad the two kids are so flourishing. 
Love to all, Jack.