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6 February 1919- My dear Mother

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6. 2. 1919.

My dear Mother,
I am back again after a quiet
crossing on the 4th & 20 hours in the train
yesterday & early this morning.  I left Calais
by the 8.30 ^ a.m which actually got on the move
at 10.30 & after a most tedious journey
crawled into Lille at 6. p. m.  It then stood
in the station for 4 1/2 hours & eventually
decided to go to Tournai by an entirely
different way to the one in the time
table, so that I could not get out here
as I had intended, but came out from
Tournai as early as I could this
morning.  We are 550 strong and
losing 10 to 15 men a day at present.
The weather is cold & there is a lot of
snow on the ground, but everyone seems
very comfortable.


I have arrived just in time for the
formal presentation of our colours, which
was put off yesterday because of the
weather, so I fancy it will take place
next week.  I hope you are not
going to have too bad a time with
all these strikes.  I stayed with the
Fellowes on Monday night & thus
avoided the hotel strike the next
morning.  I find the civilians have
become quite amenable & the trouble-
some ones now feed out of our
Love from
I have not thanked either of you enough
for your share of the watch.  It is
a ripping present. Continue reading