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1 November 1918 – My dear Father

Letter to Father 1-11-1918 page 1 Letter to Father 1-11-1918 page 2




1. 11. 1918.
My dear Father,
Excuse the paper, but I appear to be
running short. We are still out of the line, but
anticipate going up to do our normal tour in
2 or 3 days, unless the Bosch gives in first, as
I trust he will shortly think it wise to do.
I don’t see how he can hope for anything now
that Austria is out & the whole of Southern
Germany is open to invasion, but one cannot
say for certain. It will certainly be interesting
if we have to march after him to the Rhine
& spend the winter there. I don’t fancy he
is keen on allowing the allied troops to
spend too much time in Germany. There are
one or two refugees here, who were in the village
while the Bosch was in it & are very full of
the life they led. Apparently they were forced
to walk in the fields in gangs with a Bosch
armed with a whip to look after them &
all the crops were collared for the Bosch army.
The villagers had to subsist on their garden produce


& what they got through the American Relief
Commission. However they got their own back
a little in various ways, as they would never
learn a word of German, which used to
annoy him dreadfully & they used to tell him
at times what they really thought.
At present we are being at times bombarded
with leaflets from the Bosch, enquiring [sic] why we continue to fight, but they are not very
Love to all