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16 July 1916

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16. 7. 1916

My dear Father,

Many thanks for letters from Mother Cecily & yourself, also for a book from Odd this morning.  We are still out of the line but will be going up again shortly.  I calculate that I haven’t slept up in the line more than 3 nights since about the 3rd. June which is rather extraordinary, as the Brigade has been in practically the whole time since.  I have no particular news. We are in a place which is surrounded by guns, which seem to be pooping off all day & night & there are rumours & in fact more direct signs that they are going to put a 12” inch howitzer or something of the kind in our back-garden & I know that if


they do this house will fall down, as it trembles now when a limber goes by.

I gather that Jack Bourchiers home has been badly strafed lately, so they are turning everyone out, which should do some of these A. S. C. people a lot of good.  They are all so jolly comfortable that a little unexpected movement is all to their advantage.  Besides it will give a certain basis of truth to the stories they tell at home.  I was staying in the place myself once when they burst a shell in the street just up the road, as somehow one doesn’t expect the things in an occupied town.  I hear rumours that


leave may be opening up again soon, but whether there is anything in it I can’t say.  I also hear on very good authority that the Bosch Casualties down South are very heavy, which is satisfactory considering that our own are considered to be lighter than they expected. The Bosch appears to be making a good fight for it at present.  I was sorry that you failed to get to Aldenham. I new the front tyres were bad, but thought there was still a little life in them.  I wonder if he has got the front wheels true, as nothing wears out tyres more than being on a wheel which


is not running quite in the straight. I think I sent you my license & I now enclose the Receipt for my insurance Premium which please keep for me.

Love to all