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10 May 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
10. 5. 1916.

My dear Odd,

Very many thanks for your letter yesterday. I hope you will find the new nurses amenable & the patients not too fractious. also that you will get a fair amount of holiday which I fear you won’t if there is so small a staff. I have now returned to my original nondescript position, the C. O. having returned off leave. However noone could say I didn’t get my fair share as it was great luck his being away while the show was on. Not that there was anything to do, except answer the telephone, still there was the sense of importance which is always gratifying. Everyone seems very pleased with the Battalion, though as a matter of fact they were only attacked by a small patrol. still I can’t keep thinking & everything points to the fact that the old Bosch thought we were all gassed & only sent his patrols over to make sure prior to moving over in force & when he found his patrols got strafed he did no more. They’ve been very nervous at nights over the way since and are evidently expecting someone to come over & have a go at them.

There is no news. the weather is fine after a lot of rain yesterday & we are beginning to dry up. I am afraid this house won’t keep out the rain, if it continues, as a lot of slates came off the other night. I have just seen my canteen off to go round the line. It goes round in two large packing cases & contains everything from eggs to lime juice. The men appreciate it very much as it varies their diet & a fresh egg & roll for breakfast is very gratifying. The gas show however caught us badly last week as we had 10 francs worth of bread rolls wasted, which diminishes our profits considerably.

The Bosches are shy opposite & are not showing themselves – they are also extremely quiet.

Love from Jack.