14 May 1916 – To Gladys

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My dear Glad,

Many thanks for both your letters describing Ireland & Dublin. I would have written before only I didn’t know where you were. For all I know you were S. Fing with Waalum in the Dublin Post Office & doing a little shooting on your own or on the other hand you might both have been in prison. More unlikely things have happened. I was sorry to hear you thought Father looked ill. The break must have been a great shock to him & he has been carrying on as usual ever since. I hope this P. L. business did him good, as though it is rather rotten to be openly attacked by blighters of the Foster type, it was rather a triumph for Father & the enemy were badly routed. I am very flourishing. They roused us from our normal torpor about a fortnight ago by gassing us, as you may have heard, but it didn’t do them any good & they are very piano at the moment & daren’t show themselves, as if they do we snipe them instantly. Incidentally I fancy I milder sort of bosch has come in opposite us & all he wants is to be left alone. They are supposed to be Saxons, but we haven’t yet secured a specimen to see Anyhow they carry on like Saxons

Rather curiously the fellow who commands the Battalion that relieves us is a Nigerian. He used to be in command of the native troops round Naraguta & he mentioned the Cocks names, as though he knew them. He liked the place very much & wants to go back to it.

Remember me to Lillie & other Aunts Uncles & Cousins, whom you may see.

love from Jack.


3 thoughts on “14 May 1916 – To Gladys

  1. Tomi Paull

    Wonderful to encounter this website. Very touching to read the letters from Jack. I have some photos of Sophia Jane Peirs, as she was the sister of my great grandfather James Philip Paull. My mother also possess some letters from Carshalton. Please get in touch so I can email the photos. Thanks.

    1. Amy Lucadamo

      Hello, Thank you so much for exploring the site. We would love to see your photos and learn more about the Peirs and Paull families. I will be in touch by email. – Amy

    2. Will Hall

      Hi Tomi,
      I too was delighted to discover this website, as I am descended from Hugh and Charlotte (Paull) Peirs. Do get in touch, would love to see any pics. I believe you are descended from Vivian Paull? (my family were great friends of Francie and Nick Kendall).


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