17 May 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
17. 5. 1916.

My dear Cecily,

I think it is your turn for a letter. Many thanks for all your last. I don’t know that I have much news except that we have amassed a number of decorations out of the gas show. Peter Bye got the Military Cross, one sergeant the D. C. M. & 5 others the Military Medal – not bad seeing that nothing much happened. To-day I have done nothing much. I climbed the hill behind us this afternoon to have a look over the Bosch lines, but could see nothing as it was so misty. It was a glorious day so it was very enjoyable up there anyhow. To-night I managed to get a bath, which is always an event. The men had a boxing competition which was quite good sport. A working party from another battalion happened to be burying a cable near by, but the idea of boxing was too much for them, so they came over en masse to look on & even put up one of their own men to compete. However he got knocked over the ropes twice for his pains, but I don’t gather that they went back to their work & I must say I don’t blame them. The men are made to work far too hard to my thinking, chiefly by people who have never lived in a trench & have absolutely no idea of what they have to do there.

Love to all




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