21 May 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
21. 5. 1916.

My dear Glad,

Many thanks for a saffron cake & a letter was it! well no on second thoughts I don’t think there was a letter, but the cake was excellent. None the less madam write at once so that your beloved brother may realise that there are others who take an interest in him besides the Bosch. There is no news. We have & are continuing to broil in most beautiful sunshine & it is much too hot to strafe. Both sides feel alike on the subject & are very quiet by day. I noticed in yesterday’s paper a telegram which said how active things are & it named the very place we are in as being one of the most strenuous. You might imagine from the telegram (in the D. T. I think) that we were living in a hail of shells & bullets & chucking bombs at each other all day with short intervals for meals, whereas we are actually as quiet as mice. so if this place is lively Lord knows how they don’t expire of freedom in other places.

We had some excitement last night when a Hun aeroplane descended with a nasty smack into some trees behind his line. Unfortunately we can’t see him this morning, but there is no doubt the plane is there & we are dropping a little shrapnel about to make it unpleasant for the Bosches who are removing the pieces.

Love to Lillie & W.



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