16 February 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
16. 2. 1916.

My dear family,

Here I am again in the burrow & a pretty damp one at that, as we have had a lot of rain the last two days. This particular spot has undergone a lot of alteration at the hands of the Bosch since I was here a month ago. Apparently they spent last Sunday in attending to it & certainly they have succeeded in stirring it up, but no great damage done. The Hun has made 3 attempts on various trenches round the salient this last week & got in to our trenches thrice. Once he was turned out immediately & the other time he wasn’t ejected till the next night, & these were partly the identical trenches we first held when we came in last October.

They have been tremendously active all round for the last week, but it looks to me as though they were trying to see if they could get in anywhere & now they find they can’t it may be they will shut up. Anyhow to-day you wouldn’t know there was a war going on it is so quiet.

We have had tremendous gales the last few days, to-day without rain, so perhaps things will dry up a bit

Love to all



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